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Until I find the adventure I so desperately seek, I’ll make my home between the pages of book because oh, love, the places they can take me.



I have been waiting for The Book of Life (BoL) to come out for months, and IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!

It’s just as absolutely stunning as I had hoped.

And, the story’s pretty good too because, while BoL seems like it’s a typical romance—replete with love triangle *blech*—it’s a text about family and remembrance, friendship (being more important than romantic love), cultural integrity, colonialism, feminism, and living our own lives.

And, bullfighting.


Here’s a bunch of Ballroom Stuff I painted for The Book of Life. 

The design/layout of the room was done by Fred Gardner (he did the layout drawing of the full ballroom and some of the main props like the throne chair and table)

Miguel Gonzalez did a bunch of the detail designs (the stained glass window, the stone animal/flower arches and the bottles :P)

It’s all painted flat/with no lighting so it could be passed off to texture easily. Besides that: SO MANY COLORS O_O, I swear every notes pass on this room was “add more color” XD. The overall look/design of this ballroom was influenced by Gaudí's architecture. The color scheme we ended up going with is based off of La Muerte's character colors.


hon hon hon let’s play guess amanda’s favorite character(s)



My Book of Life Fanfction, deviantart version!


The second chapter of my Book of Life fanfiction, deviantart version!


My Book of Life fanfiction, AO3 version!

(not uploaded to yet as it currently does not have a category for book of life)